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Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by reverse, Mar 15, 2008.

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    I used to be a member of a support forum for people with eating disorders. In spring 2004 this one girl there begam PMing me and we talked on AIM a couple of times too. She disappeared from the board and I e-mailed her. We soon began a lengthy correspondence via e-mail.

    Come about February 2005 we were chatting daily then we starting talking via cell phone daily.

    She also invited me to join a forum that she was also a member of. The admin of that forum had a crush on me and lived near me so I went and visited him. We ended up having sex.

    Not long after my friend stopped calling claiming that she "didn't like talking on the phone." I missed her but I accepted that.

    August 2005 guy on that board she invited me to befriended me and soon I was chatting with him every day. I was lonely and depressed and he was so nice. I've talked about him on here and he had only befriended me to get info to use to stalk and harass me. He convinced me to send him nude photos of myself and personal info both of which I stupidly did. I also found out that the board admin, the guy I slept with, is a convicted sex offender. He was conviced of "sexual assult on a child."

    By October 2005 he and his friends were calling me daily telling me to kill myself, saying they were my first abuser back from the dead "coming to r*pe me" along with harassing e-mails and such.

    The board admin lost his job around this time after it was discovered there that he was a convicted sex offender. He worked in a Hot Topic store in a mall. Since Hot Topic is a store that caters mainly to teens and pre-teens I don't see how they hired him unless he lied on his application. He was arrested on posession of child pornography charges shortly after that as well.

    He blamed me for these things. As if I hacked into his computer and planted kiddie porn. I never once used or even touched his computer, I had no idea it was on there though I must say that it doesn't surprise me. Plus wouldn't one have to file a police report for that, so if someone had turned him in he could get a copy and see who it was? Anyone know?

    On December 1, 2005 I attempted suicide. I made the mistake of telling my "friend" she in turn told her friend the sex offender and he convinced her I was lying. She was really mad at me for that and for what I "did to" him (ie-having him arrested for posession of child porn which I didn't do!) and because I was fighting with a girl on another board that I was a member of and said some mean things there (she didn't care that her friend was saying nasty things to me though). So she linked her buddy, the sex offender to that board KNOWING he was gonna post my nude pics, personal, info, etc. there.

    I was friends with the admin at that board and he was livid that my "problems had affected his life."

    When I confronted her she told me I am a "horrible person" I was for all of the above things. Then accused me of lying about attempting suicide.

    Shortly after I sent her a copy of my ER bill. It doesn't say why I was there but says I was in the ER on December 1, 2005 which proved I was there. She apologized and her and I sorta became friends but we talked less and less. THEN after MONTHS of not hearing from them her friends started harassing me again. I got mad at her. I probably shouldn't of, but I changed all my online contact info and she was the only person we had in common and she gave them info about me before so I had good reason to suspect her. We still sorta stayed friends though.

    June 27, 2006. Her friends somehow found and and posted a bunch of harassing some on that eating disorder board and it's chat room such as one said he was going to rape me and another responded. "you can't rape the willing." And generally harassed a lot of people there all the while claiming I had invited them there. That same night my mom and I got in a HUGE fight and she beat me up pretty badly. The cops got called and my mom was arrested (I talked about that on here before). I chatted with my friend that night. We didn't talk about her other friends. I told her about my mom though. She was nice and friendly.

    That was the last time we ever talked.

    I left the ED board because I didn't want to put up with being harassed. I sent my friend a couple of e-mails. One in October 2006, one in December 2006 which I resent in January 2007. All of the "Hey, how are you. I'm doing good. Please let me know if you're alive" variety. She never replied hence why I sent the last one twice.

    I logged into the ED board under another girl whom I was also friends with's account. My friend (not the one who's account I was using, the other) said AWFUL things about me. Horrible, mean. When someone said they were my friend she warned them to "stay away from" me. She called me nasty names, etc. She exaggerrated and lied. She said I had "emotionally drained her for 4 years." Um we were friends for like 2, even if that was true.

    My stalkers stayed on that ED board. The sex offender guy even dated a member he met there (and when she dumped him he harassed her like he did me) and he constantly said awful things about me while I was there. My theory is that my former friend was swayed and bought into the things that he said.

    This doesn't have a point I was just very hurt.
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