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Depressed part of bipolar

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I am scared of the fall. I'm bipolar and on meds and seeing a shrink and the meds are working. But i know there will be a fall - a depressed part of the cycle. I feel it peeking through some nights when i wanna cut "just a little"....

I am scared. I dont want to fall. Maybe i fell already and i'm not done falling? I havent been taking care of myself at all. Or eating. And i sleep way too much. I dont want to live but i do because my death would hurt my family.

I think i'm in depression now but its not too bad. I hope it doesnt get worse.


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If you do 'fall', you can talk to me through PM, MSN (gardenia101@live.com) or e-mail (Same). I've 'fallen' countless times, but I had someone pull me through. You will too.

So don't worry, be happy now ^_^
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