Depressed rant, but I think I'm going to do it.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by gag, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    My girlfriend has been acting weird lately, I knew she was cheating on me, but then I found out who and I'm totally losing it right now.

    She wasn't talking to me much lately, and she keeps bringing up my friend (well, fuck him, some friend he was), who's a total creep, the guy has attempted rape a few times in the past, he doesn't care in the leats bit about her, I know rightnow he's just using her.
    And she's been going on and on about how nice he is, and today she says she's having a big heart to heart conversation with him, and that he's an awesome person to talk to. Meanwhile she isn't talking to me at all.

    A few times now she's stood me up for some other guy (wasn't sure who 'til now), but after the way she went on today I just lost it.

    I don't think she knows how I feel about her, I don't think she'd care either.

    She won't answer the phone if I call, she won't reply to me online, probably to busy talking to everyone's favorite right now.

    And she told me their conversation was about "nothing" so I said, no one has a heart to heart about nothing, then she says "true, it's been a depressing day" then i asked what she meant, and she hasn't said a word since.

    She fucking hates me now and I have no idea why, I've treated her like gold, unlike the greasy fucking pigs she's always cheating on me with.

    Whenever she cheats one and I try to move on she just lures me back, I don't know how, it's like some serious mindfuck I can't get around, but everytime it works, and everytime I end up feelings worse after she's cheated on me.

    So this is it, I'm tired of feeling shitty. I plan on getting my hands on whatever drugs I can and going on a bender until I die.

    Fuck man, if she doesn't want me around why doesn't she just say so, it'd be easier than this. I can't believe she's going for him either. Ted fucking Bundy would be a better companion.

    Before I bite the dust I'm going to knock the shit out of him.

    Now I'm going to go get tanked, because this is too much for me atm.
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    why dont you tell her how you feel about it. Dump her for a while utill she realizes hhow good were you, because no one know what precious is sometihng untill they lose it. Try to let her free for a while and let her do everything she wants and get smashed against a wall(not literaly) to face the truth by herself....or at least thats what i would do
  3. StangerInAStrangeLand

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    Howdy Gag,

    Been there before - she doesn't deserve you - seriously. You sound like you care about her an awful lot - if she's going to play games with you there is no sense in staying with her. I got locked in a relationship with a girl who strung me on for two years until we finally broke up (she told me I was too good for her, and that I treated her right too much - pretty messed up). The trick with these girls is if you get them pregnant they start thinking about what really matters in life (having some sort of legacy) - or propose to them (they start thinking about commitment and what it means to them).

    It sounds though that she has not made it past the partying years of her life - you sound like you are far past that - I would say there is a woman out there who has her head straight for you (has some respect for herself and for you). Keep plugging my friend. Feel free to PM or IM me anytime - it can be hard getting by with all the shit we get fed - you can make it friend.
  4. Patch

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    Don't hurt yourself over that piece of trash. Dump the bitch!