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Ive only been in a handful of serious relationships, im 18 years old. About a year ago I began dating a girl online, for the first time, We met in a chat room, she lived rather near me, so we met up once every now and then on a weekend, she was 17.
this went on for a few months, the two of us fell deeply in love with each other, her dad eventually found out ( through her brother, who isnt much better then her dad ) and told her she couldn't talk to me anymore. She killed herself.

For the last 6 months most nights I dream about her. and wake up wanting to kill myself because it isn't real. I don't know what to do, Or rather or not I should do it.


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Sorry to hear about that. I'm sure she's in a better place than here. In death, there is no time anymore. Time is a perception man has concieved. Live your life. She will be waiting for you in the afterlife. No need to cut yourself short. Who knows, you may fall in love again? Just hang on buddy, things will get better. I promise.


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HI, really sorry to hear about that poor girl :sad: I am sure she would want U to lead a fully happy life and not to suffer while living yourself. Do not even think for a second that she would be happy with you taking your life, because she wouldn't. U also have to remember that 2 deaths are much worse than 1, my friend.


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It sounds a lot like Romeo and Juliet. Yes that was just a play in Elizabethan era and this is real life. It is unfortunate that she died. Yet she died over your relationship. It is a hard call and since this is a pro-life site. I am strongly suggesting that you stay alive. If need be, go see a counselor or a trusted adult and talk to them about this ordeal.
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