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    Ok, So i have alot of problems. Some from the past and some from the present. My life hasn't exactly been a fairy tale. From a young age i was forced in to a life of choices which a small child should not have to make. Ans having someone in my life who mentally bullied me from a young age till my middle teens.

    My mum was my rock during my young age but when i was 16 she was nearly murdered by the same person who mentally bullied me.

    The problems i have now are far more complex. The solitary i feel now is far worse than anything i have felt in my life. I knwo i have freinds and family but it doesnt seem to me that they understand: that no matter how many people are around me i still feel so alone.

    I have never been to a doctor or a pshyc or anything.

    I have no reason to smile anymore. Nothing seems worth waiting for or applying myself towards.

    I hate this. Why am i so lonely when i have family and friends around me who i know care?
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    Sometimes it is easy to be alone in a crowd....

    Try to keep reaching out - is there a possibility of getting counseling help?
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    At the moment no. I am in a sticky situation, where i cant do anything like that. Its not the best of things thats for sure
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    There is an online therapist site you know...real therapist that you can talk to...asktherapist I think..and you can email the samaritans too..