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Well after reading alot of storys & problems on this forum i feel that mine is nothing but none the less it still gets me down and i sometimes feel that i should just throw it all away.

The past 5 years of my of my life have been a total let down too me and no matter how hard i try i still cant seem too get back on track.
It all started off when i was in a steady relationship with a very good well paid job that i liked and had always wanted too do. I had my own house and i put everything thing i had into it and gave everything i could too the girl i was with. . . . . Then once coming back from a weekend away i got told from a guy that my fiancee was sleeping with my best mate, Well this went on for days and too cut a long story short she was not just sleeping with him but sleeping with him and his brother aswell as another friend (All @ Different Times & Not Together)

I lost everything from the house and all what it had aswell as my very well paid job as i felt i just could not cope anymore. The doctor put me on tablets and things but i feel that they just made me worse.

After months of talking about death and things i finaly moved on and got myself sorted (Or So I Thought)
I got myself a new job and and started to go out and do things with my friends but i knew deep down that they where all talking about how i was fucked over and what had happened too me.

Anyway i moved on and met another girl who was perfect. . . She was everything i could ever have wanted and more. . . I never fell into any trap and never got a house or anything as i did not want too get tied down.
She made me happy and she claims that i was far too good for her and i made her so so happy also. . . . . Yip that happy she done exactly what the ex had done and too make it worse i even seen e-mails from her too the other guy and for teh whole 2 years i was with her she had been ripping the piss and slagging me off saying how much of a loser i was cause i let girls walk all over me and treat me like dirt.

well we split and 11 months down the line (today) i have been fine untill her 2 friends come over talking too me and going about how my ex is doing this and how she is doing that and how i was a foul and its really got me down.

I have no time for females as i just get the feeling they piss me about and laugh at me. I sit alone in my room just thinking that maybe if the first time around i did carry out what i was going too do i woudl not have all these problems of trying too be the happy perfect person that everyone things i am.

Im sick of talking too people too as they always say the same thing over and over and it drives me mad and i am not going back too the doctors either.
The way i see it i have my options of

A, Be a very very lone person
B, Take no notice and keep bashing on and fighting it
C, End the lot


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Hmmm... well... I see you end relationships based on sex... which in the end is a really LAME thing to do. Maybe if you should start basing your relationships on love and close discussions and stuff... I don't know.. just make sex a very secondary thing....

But the lonely person is one of the easier ones.... you are just sad and want to die....

The fighting thing... only if you have the will... I mean if you want too if it would mean that much to you... the by all means continue to the fight.

End it all... well ummmmm.... no comment.

I hope things work out, as I tell all those who have experienced love in some shape or form at least you have expereinced it. Unlike me, who has never nor will ever experience it.
There is no lonely. No bashing on. JUST stop desiring more than YOU, being yourself. You really don't HAVE to feel lonely because you're not with someone else. PLEASE, start enjoying the things you like. Not ABOUT yourself but, all of those things you enjoy doing, seeing and experiencing. STOP feeling sad because there wasn't someone with you while you lived your life. START enjoying your life, regardless of whether you have a lover or not. If you dwell on how alone you are, you will so completely feel lonely. If you CHOOSE to cherish the things about you that truly are you, then you'll find the ONE person who you ever really need to love you. YOU! You can desire your life away; feel like there's nothing in this world you can stand because 'She/He's" not with you but, NO ONE will ever complete you if you cannot find the things in you that make you complete.
You really can get up and choose to enjoy your life. If you don't know what it is that makes you happy, the start looking for those moments that you enjoy, that have nothing to do with anyone but yourself. No relationship can ever be complete, if you ALWAYS rely on the other for your comfort.
If you rely on others, then those people who need you to rely on them will be exactly what you find. They don't need to feel compassion or love. They'll just need and take from you what you inherently give. Try giving to yourself what you think you should/could give to someone else and maybe you'll find, that no matter who you're with, you love and respect yourself first.
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