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i've just been depressed lately. having feelings of loneliness and self consciousness. i have such low self esteem. i was so stressed at work this week even tho i was one of the top salespeople this week. bcuz all my friends have quit and i have no one to talk to. and i was worried that the reason the closers were doing everything they could not to close my deal was bcuz they dont like me. and all month my parents have been pressuring me to ask the boss for a promotion. i didnt really care much about a promotion but i asked him anyway and he said he already chose someone else for the position :(
and i was on the phone with my dad and my brother whom i dont talk to was yelling insults at me in the background. like hes not even in my life and he cant even be civilized.
and all month i've been wanted to go to fright nights but nobody would go with me. thats all i wanted, was to have some fun. now im sitting behind a computer crying. i feel like i have no one. and i cant take anymore rejection. idk i guess i just need a change. there must be something worth living for


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yeah. it'll get better eventually. hang in there. you're doing good keeping a job. i wish that i could hold a job. i don't have any siblings but i am willing to bet that your brother was just being an asshat. all i know is nothing ever stays the same.
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