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Depression and abnormalities

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There is a part of my body which gets me down a lot and I'm really embarrassed about it and tend not to talk about it, I can't even talk about on an internet forum without crying, seriously. It does get me down a lot and this issue can probably be solved if I can work up the courage to see a doctor about it. Have you seen a doctor about what's bothering you? :hug:


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I have a skin condition called eczema. It is painful and it does contribute to me wanting to kill myself. I just feel like why do I have to suffer from this in addition to everything else? It really pisses me off sometimes. There are other physical things too. Sometimes I think that the world could do without me because I am not attractive either. I am too ugly for this world and I might as well die because no one is ever going to love me anyways. Sorry, I just had to get that out today...


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Ive got things wrong with me yeah. And like you i can hardly find the courage to talk about them to a mirror let alone to another person. Ive been wanting to see a doctor since i was 13 years old when everything started to go down hill, i'm twenty now and the fear rules my life. Last night i missed my best friends 21st birthday becuase he went out to manchester and i'm so self concious i couldnt bring myself to go. You know the worst thing, these problems no one can even see so no one thinks anything is wrong with me. Ever felt like youve been cursed or born to suffer?
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