depression and drugs?

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    since when is being depressed a sign of being on drugs? i asked my dad for help, that im depressed and that i need to see a shrink, and he told me im not depressed and that im just on pills. he then piss tested me which i passed, then told me hes searching everything. now let me get things straight, i ASKED for help, he didnt come up to me and say this. i confronted him and told him im having a tough time, and he said that my best friend sold me hundreds of pills. even though she is still trying to get over her heroin addicted father, despite the fact that she has beat addiction herself and doesnt want to go back, despite the fact that ive taken a vow to NEVER touch anything beyond marijuana.

    i only took pills on a couple different occasions, which was a year and a half ago when i was spinning out of control, which he did not know about. i dont know where he gets the nerve to do all of this, am i not a human fucking being? can i not make the distinction between right and wrong? does he think im that stupid to become an addict? no offense to the rest of you, but imo being addicted to anything is just stupid. i should have just thrown the piss in his face, atleast then i would have shown him the respect hes showing me. he slapped me in the face doing this, he is NO father to me anymore. ive lost my respect for him.
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    Christ, yeah - it really sounds as if you didn't deserve any of that, and I sympathize as that's something my dad would have pulled on me too, rather than hear the truth and possibly have to face it. It sounds as if it's easier on your dad to blame you than to consider something really may be wrong and he might be involved in it. What a jerk. You have a right to be angry.
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    Some people cannot fathom depression. They think it has to be caused by something you have done wrong. I am glad you asked for help and hope you do get it. Maybe it is easier for your dad to accept the possibility you may be on drugs, then that of a medical condition such as depression. He doesn't want something unexplained to be "wrong" with you. I am sorry he reacted in this manner. :hug:
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    hes always thought my problems were because of addiction, drugs or dumb friends. which is somewhat true, i did have some really dumbass friends when i was in high school, atleast in freshman year. i did smoke alot of weed, although this wasnt the problem, my dad decided to blame it because he didnt want to face that i was using that to cover up my problems, and i was also staying out and not doing homework or studying like i should have been. this was because of the friends i had, and the fact that i didnt want to go home to shouting between my mother and step dad.

    hes just completely ignorant about this, he told me hes not going to send me to a psychiologist until i tell him why im like this, which obviously WONT happen. i cant tell him about this stuff.

    his new theory is that i got rejected by a girl. CHRIST.

    and now hes going to take me to a hospital to get me a blood test, this is in a month. i already cut myself twice today, poured hot water over the cuts, i smiled like HELL. god, some people say S.H. isnt a good coping mechanism, but it is the only one thats ever worked this well.