Depression and fatigue

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Does depression really make you tired?? How tired?? Do you stay that way?? Or snap out of it, until you feel down again??

I know I don't have much motivation,, well I hope that's not part of the problem in the way I feel.. I think I'm kind of bored with life and no doubt lonely from lack of having a relationship..

I know my fatigue doesn't come from depression, it started before I got that way, I'm being silly asking this. But just curious I guess to how bad depression can affect you physically.


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I am constantly fatigued and my sleep cycles are all messed up all due to depression. Depression can and does have a really serious physical affect on me.


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Sure depression can lead to tiredness - but so can being a mum of two!

Seriously though - some old blues song I have from the 1920s does tell us that ...

"when a man (or woman) gets trouble in mind
he wants to sleep all the time"

Simple really .

There are a LOT worse things you could be doing!

However - we don't want to sleep all the time - its just that life is 'boring' as you say - boredom for me is the last thing I want - I hate it! But it happens.

Well we need something to do - and for you and other mums whose kids are almost grown - you got a natural kind of process there - well - I'm a LOT older that you - as you keep reminding me! All I'm saying is that being 40 can be like being a teenager sometimes - a roller coaster - only this time you know more about life - maybe that elevates doubts.

Loneliness is a good one.

I mean its bad - but a good topic that needs airing.

I think its one of the main reasons people do kill themselves - I mean you got to be at a point whereby you become isolated gradually. With depression you realise that relationships, tricky at the best of the times - have an extra dimension for us.

Well you could be feeing fantastic in yourself - confident - life may be going great with a good job - you have money - and all the trappings of 'success'. But if there is nobody to share it with - what would be the point?

I think we all agree we are social creatures - us human beings do prosper when we work together - we form social bonds on all levels but modern day life - its pushing people to live separate lives - not to socialise as much - and many do not know neighbours - keep to themselves and so on. Most children come back around to you - you might lose them for a bit - even I as a teenager - I was a handful - never always had a civil tongue and can be as cruel as I am kind - I mean that duality of nature is in us all - but you either have a moral code or not. I will walk away rather than go down that road.

Well you have a family Mary - that's an important social bond - the first we have! I know that like a lot of mums - you feel unappreciated at times. I know the stuff what goes on with teenagers - the horror stories also when kids turn bad for a bit - easy in this day and age.

Relationships - well I'm sure you'd be snapped up! you should have a little more confidence. Meme has seen photos of you - and so I guess maybe you think less of yourself than others do!

Well as a man - I will be honest to women about us men! I'll confess stuff - because I know how some men operate and will warn women abut the bad men - teach them to spot the indifferent - but more importantly how to spot a good man!

There are better men than I out there! Well - not cooler than me - I've not met anyone who I thought was better than me - nit my ego - I just know there is one me - and happy to be me in many ways. Some might be richer! May have better jobs. I have no job - but don't worry if your a woman not working! Having a career is fine - but raising a family more important. I'm old fashioned and think marrying young is right - having a child at age 16 or 17 is normal really - a bit young sure - but you can grab a career after having a family instead of the other way around. Or an education.

Trouble is marrying young - you have to get it right! You cannot tell if love is genuine when you fall in love - your head is just spinning too much - but once in love - that takes compromises and its hard work!

Well I'm sure you tried very hard indeed - but some men just see that as a licence to behave in a bad manner. But you tried - and its all you can do is give a guy a chance - hope that the good side of him can be nurtured or encouraged. Its not you who failed there - you cannot really mould a good man if he is not inclined to be that way!

Main thing is Mary - your getting more knowledgeable about depression and always ask about things so others can guide you. I think understanding the beast is what tames it!

Even though you have illness - you really need to deal with depression as that's the thing that holds us back.

Illness is no fun - I get banging headaches from the depths of lowest hell! Like a male period - lol - well - OK - maybe not.

But if men had periods - we'd have laws to have like a week off work and free taxis. And sanitary products would be free.

Men would CRY to the high heavens!

So - sure - some of us need kicking up the ass - like so many times that I guess you'd need to have relay teams of women to take turns.

So - in summary - depression can make you sleep a LOT - and loneliness is a bad thing also - and everybody needs somebody to love - like he words of the song by the Blues Brothers - you seen that movie?

Well - what else can I say?

Hope some of this helps - just trying to encourage you a little - cheer you up - which can be difficult with us!

Hope this finds you in good spirits.


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Well I guess it could be just because I'm so tired, I feel no lack of motivation. When I was feeling better earlier in the year, I was out running the roads constantly. If I felt better, guess I would do more, and wouldn't feel so bored with life. I guess the college study will keep my mind a bit occupied for awhile. I kind of need that..

I still think about my future, even if I get to where I feel better, even if I have a good job, a place of my own, whatever, you know, I'll still be sitting there all alone, and I think I'd be happier with a few roomates honestly, but my heart is still going to be lonely.

All I want is a relationship with someone and I know I could have that if I'd let myself. But you know the situation, peacelovingguy, I am crazy over someone, that I could never have a relationship with. And I think about letting go of love that strong. It just feels like if I was capable of doing that, that everything I believe in, love in general, would end up being so fake, and life would feel so pointless.. I doubt I'm making much sense.

Well I know one thing for sure, I am never going to be happy again. My heart will always be broken.. Well I am happy if I'm around him, but the moment I'm not, it all changes.. :( So it's just a temporary feeling, and nothing can fix this.

Even if I survive the hell from my health problems, I still think this issue of being lonely is going to be the end of me someday.
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