Depression....and guilt for it!

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Stuart, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Stuart

    Stuart Member

    Hey all :smile:

    I Feel so strange inside. I am perfectly healthy physically, i have a family who love me, a roof over my head, and all the mod cons in my bedroom (Sky, DVD, Puter etc etc) yet i still feel down ALOT.

    I have very little social life and when i do go out, mainly with the people i work with, I seldom enjoy myself and when i do i end up getting badly drunk which i dont really like to do. I have very few friends who i would trust with my life but im sort of ok because ive always been an independent person. I have a comfortable situation moneywise, heck i even like to have a little bet and play some poker.

    I look around, the real world and on the news, and i see sooo many people worse off than me, people who dont even have a home let alone a house, job and family... I try to be positive and use that as a motivation to be happy and it does work in parts, but sometimes i just end up reflecting on life, rueing how ive lived it, and wishing things could be different.

    Im not suicidal, i could never do that. But being down, and the guilt of feeling this way despite all the good things i have sometimes eats me up. Am i wrong to feel guilty for how i feel?

  2. lost soul

    lost soul Guest


    I don't think you should feel guilty, depression comes along for so many different reasons, It doesn't matter how many or how little of the material things in life you have.

    Other things that can set off depression are:

    unstable childhood
    sexual problems
    inbalance of hormones
    bullying in childhood or now in life
    illness in the family of strained family relations.

    the list goes on, but the hormonal inbalance can be a large factor when there is nothing else you can point your finger to.

    Have you spoke to your GP, maybe he/she could give you a low dose of AD's just to rebalance your emotional state.

    Hope you can get it sorted and maybe find out what the culprit to it is.
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