depression really kills

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This is gurusharan. I am of fifty plus now. I always suffered with the allergy and arthritis. I used to take the allopathic medications. But this did not cure at all. This increased my suffer which in turn made me difficult in my breathing so with this I was unable to have a proper sleep at night. This caused difficulty in my routine work. I used to feel lazy to do my works and always felt sleepy. I felt very depressed with this condition of mine. I shared these things with my friend and said that this is taking me to the stage of suicide also then she took me to a specialist in healing them in a natural way. She read about the doctor at this site who is a specialist about the chronic disease and cures it with the dietary supplements & therapies. I visited his clinic and got cured my allergy and now I am now happy as I am free from all my worries and leading a happy life. Thanks doctor for his excellent job in making me a normal person.
I am so glad you found something that was able to help you become painfree and happy. Thanks for sharing your story and information with us. :hug:
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