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Depression [what else?]

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I'm not suicidal, I'm not worthless or stupid or useless. I just hate myself. I dont hate my life, or anythig about it. I just hate me. They say if you dont like it, change it, but that hasn't been working lately. I just hate me. I hate my fat, my skin, my eyes. I know im a good person and I have people who love me. I'm depresed because I hate myself. I binge, i purge some days i eat nothign at all. i work out, I run I walk, I raise a 2 y/o. Nothing is working and It makes me hate myself even more. Just thought I'd share my thoughts


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if you can see a dietician, it might help you get on the right track to being at a healthy weight...if thats whats holding you back.
if you need information about your diet or excercise, feel free to pm me. :smile:
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