Depression when exausted

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is it normal to suffer from temporary depression when exhausted? when sleeping is really bad i can get really depressed, suicidal and self harm. but away in my room no one has any idea.

how is it possible to drop so low then feel so much better after 1 reasonable nights sleep?


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Itsactually very common to feel that way when you sleep little or bad. Then feeling bad leads to sleeping problems and the sleeping problems contribute to feeling depressed and again, sleeping problems.
Well for me, when I don't sleep I get extreme mood swings where I can laugh so hard I cry (my record was a half hour straight laughing) to feelin like giving up on life in an instant. Inappropriate anger to crying over nothing.

Some good sleep really seems to do wonders for our moods


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so its not uncommon, yay im not alone.. but it don't make me feel any better.
i have tried everything other than meds to sleep well as the doc wont prescribe them.

although i feel suicidal at the time there is very little chance anything will ever come of it.
its like i have 2 lives- the daytime feeling tired and frustrated, but the night feeling out of control and suicidal
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