Depression: When things suck, and we don't feel like doing anything

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    It took me a while to come to peace with this diagnosis I have... but once I did I was able to start learning how to cope with it.

    In my expierences, perspective is one of the 1st things to go. Things that normally we might think was minor becomes a lot worse, and that builds up after happening a few times.

    I try to be aware of this... and remember the connection CBT teaches between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. If I can catch myself thinking badly, and reevaluate it... I can stop things from spiraling out of control.

    The other thing I notice is that when it hits I have no freaking desire to do anything... and by doing nothing I feel unproductive, stressed by the to do list. In those times... there is a lot to be said for getting the ball rolling doing something. Even if it as simple as laundry... sometimes that will bring about enough energy to go on to other thigns.

    Other times.. I need to force myself to do an enjoyable activity... even if depression makes it less enjoyable than normal. At one point, I'd go to a place with good memories... other times I flip on a video game. Other times treat myself to some ice cream... but whatever it is it seems to work better when it requires me to get out of the house.

    This is overly simplistic I know... and I might add more later. But... it has helped me. Learning to be aware of my symptoms has done a ton for me.
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    Thanks for this. I tried this tonight, just played a few games I like and it helped. I hadn't felt like doing anything enjoyable because I didn't see the point and thought I'd be wasting time. I want to carve some time out of each day and make it positive and just for me.