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  1. i'm not really sure whether i have "depression" or not? i'm certainly miserable but isn't there a difference between that and depression in the medical sense?
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    hi, and welcome. you might want to check out the articles on, you can learn alot about depression from that site.
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    if you 'google' depression your sure to find some self diagnosis thing on a site some where. they usually run like this:
    1. Felt sad, down or miserable most of the time? Yes /No
    2. Lost interest or pleasure in most of your usual activities? Yes /No
    If you answered 'YES' to either of these questions, complete the symptom checklist below.

    Stopped going out
    Not getting things done at work
    Withdrawn from close family and friends
    Relying on alcohol and sedatives
    Stopped doing things you enjoy
    Unable to concentrate

    "I'm a failure"
    "It's all my fault"
    "Nothing good ever happens to me"
    "I'm worthless"
    "Life is not worth living"

    Unhappy, depressed
    No confidence

    Tired all the time
    Sick and run down
    Headaches and muscle pains
    Churning gut
    Can't sleep
    Poor appetite/weight loss

    If you answered 'YES' to question 1 and/or 2 and ticked at least three symptoms in the checklist, you probably have a depressive illness.

    This one is from Beyond Blue which is supposed to be pretty credible. But i still think these are a bit too overzealous with diagnosis, but they still give you a guide.

    hope that helps!
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    Blues are normal.

    The medical criteria considers time as a factor---duration and frequency. Does it disrupt more than one part of your life?

    It really is true about that GRAY cloud your stuck under water all everything in the world is muted.

    Care to share with what you are going thru and feeling with us?
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