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  1. angel76

    angel76 Guest

    There are days that I am so depressed, that even my cat that I love so much doesn't even make me feel better.
    What are some good things to do that will help me not feel so depressed?
    I have also heard that crying is a great way to relieve tension and other emotions, is that a true fact? There are days I want to cry and cry, but hold myself back.
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  2. lost soul

    lost soul Guest


    Depression is really hard to cope with, and thats all you can do is try to cope. There are no right or wrong answers to your question as each person is an individual and lives their life how they want to.

    Cry is a good way to release some of the tensions and emotions that are building up inside.

    some other ways are:

    relaxation therapy
    talking through the problems/issues

    Hope yopu are ok.
  3. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    I hear going out, getting a bit of sunlight helps a bit, I think it helps me at least temporarily.
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