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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Carver, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Its best to read : first as it explains my background and history.

    Ive been awake since 8am Tuesday morning. All through last night my folks raged at me for not having a job. They kept screaming. Everytime i calmed down the door would wack open smashing agaisnt the bed and they would scream their heads off. It went on untill the sun came up then i couldnt sleep.

    Today i tried to carry on looking for a job. *pause while mum screams at me for typing to loud* Had some guy hang up on me becuase i probably sounded dead. The end of the month is comeing up again and I have no money to pay the outgoings after my agency i worked for ripped me off of 3 weeks wages totaling over £600. That money would have cleared my debt. Who was i kidding? Something go right? ha! Nope they lost the first weeks wage slip. They held the second whilst they sorted the first and then told me end of last week i was no longer needed (sacked) when i phoned up. Ive had to extend my overdraft to -1000 from -600 to cover all the outgoings and fines. My snob pearents instisted on 'helping' by giving me 250 pounds so i wouldnt have to extend my overdraft. they gave their word they wouldnt go back on what they had said but come yesterday night they told me i could go rot in prison. The overdraft will come in on the 1st which means everything will bounce and it will cost me another £175 fine. My bank balance will read -1000 + a £175 fine to pay off.
    *pause while mum screams at me for being tired and not having a job. We have guests over at the moment. As always no one told me they were coming. I went upstair and shut myself in my prison/room to be out the way becuause she always screams when we have guests. shes screaming at the top of her voice at me.

    mum just pushed me over edge . ive just had a break down. I feel so bad right now i just want to go and ................... im going to go call this number i found to hel pme.,.. im sorry
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    <name removed at members request>

    I'm sorry you're going thru such a rough time with your parents. On the money front, there must be some kind of government agency you can contact to make your employer pay you what they owe. File a grievance against them. As far as your parents are concerned, I'd make them a deal that if they give you some peace and quiet to get some rest, so you can find a job, you'll move out as soon as you can. Which would be the best thing for you.

    We're here to lend a kind ear and give you any support we can. We care about you and want to see you come thru this. :hug:
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    those people deserve to burn in hell. actually, if you're being kept up, you can file for domestic abuse
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