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Desert Island

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Hi this is probably already here but i wanted to do another :D hehe

if you cud take 3 things or ppl on a desert island wat or who wud they be?

mine wud be:
Nige hehe
erm...theres nuthing else i need cept for Nige hehe :tongue:

hmm....maybe water lol
annnnnnnnnnd maybe a fone lol

ur turn :D


a guitar
my mum
and david ford so he can play amazing songs on my guitar when my fingers hurt.

hopefully i can take a never ending supply of guitar strings with the guitar


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Um....well probably

lap top with internet conection (so I don't loose you guys, and at the same time can liten to music :biggrin: )

my drawing gear :biggrin:

a blanket so I don't get cold in the night

ps. Would take my brother too but I think it would be selfish of me to since he has this new girlfend he likes so much :)


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I would have to take a long lasting supply of friends in a can! lol just made that up...but no...

I would take my best friend Lee with me,
I would take something to stay in touch you guys,
And I would take a box full of suntan lotion...


Love BP


Senior Member
I'd take a fully furnished house, that has EVERYTHING in it, including a magic fridge that never ever ran out of what i want.
I'd take all of my friends, in a cruise ship.
I'd also take a huge shopping centre.
And Lush.


Spikey xxxxxxxx
I would text you!!

Ok, I'd take...
1) internet connected laptop
2) a full library if I could afford the shipping fees

I think that's it. Well maybe chocolate, but wouldn't it melt? :tongue:
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