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Desparate for help

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What's wrong sun it's all going to be ok I'm here for you as we all are,take a deep breath if you want to talk about anything I'm here I wont leave your side until you're feeling alot better I promise you.


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I've read a bit of one of your other posts, and just wanted to say that I'm sorry it has come to this. Although this will be an incredibly difficult time for you right now, maybe it'll be good in the long run for you to move out of this destructive household?

Do you have any friends you could call who could help you out for a bit right now? I don't know in which country you live, but try checking out any local organisations that help with people in such situations...

I hope things go ok for you.. and i hope you'll check back in with us here if and when you can. I'm thinking of you
hello to anyone out there...

as of right now i feel that I sould end it all, I'm 34 years old, and my life has now gone down hill, with to many broken promisies,
I have been taking advantaged of, and that I feel that theres nothing more than I'm in need of...

Today I was told that I'm no longer a partner in a company that I invested in the last year, and he's oferning me half of what
he's he paying me now. I'm also a dealer for a small poker club, to my surprising that today after a year I hear of to many
concerns, I just dont feel like i should bother with life any more and that I want to end it all,

I had never wanted to end this way but why should I even bother with this at all... I dont like feeling this way but I, know
that it will be better off to end it all.

I have tried so hard in the past 2 years to change it around, but nothing has change, but going down.......

I have tried to start a web site company $60,000 and eveyone who was involed took all my life savings and when it was time
to go live with the web, everyone left me high and dry, all they wanted was to take my money for a quick fix.

I also got involved with a small poker group, that I help run events even than they took from me.

I Have worked so hard to get things up and running, there's is still someone wants somthing...

After the day I'm having today, its telling myself to end it all, and that I know its best for me.

I am leaving my wife Wendy, my to little girls, Julianna and Kayla, behind but I know deeply inside me that
they can find a better dad, and a better husband, I cant give them things that they always wanted.

why work so hard and get nothing to show for it, when I get to 60 i know that this life of mine was a waste
of time....
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It’s a chronic struggle for me. They are evil pathetic and mean. They want to fight me and afflict me. I am all alone. How do I fight them? They will keep torturing me. I need to be strong enough to fight these fuckers
Maybe the best thing for you to do is leave the house and start a life that does not involve them if they are truly as mean and evil to you as you say they are. There has to be a way for you to get away from them and find some support in starting anew. Take care. :hug:


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Maybe the best thing for you to do is leave the house and start a life that does not involve them if they are truly as mean and evil to you as you say they are. There has to be a way for you to get away from them and find some support in starting anew. Take care. :hug:
its my fault . i have been too simple naieve and idealist. an idiot to say the least . i deliberately stipilated upon my aelf all that they were forcing me on . it is self destruction self affliction all in a wishful naieve premise that if i accept each and every of their unbelievabele and untolerable demands they would be happy and accept me as one of them.

I should have left them years ago but as a child and teenager i was very vulnerable and physically weak but facially very attractive. i thought it was better to stay put and totally submit to them instead of having some mishap happen in the pathtic pakistani society. Now i feel that i would have been better off had i left them at a much younger age. its been a terrible time living with them. i can hardly belive i am 26. 26 thats past half of productive life. i have lost the sense of time. time seems to be rushing away. it seems that time is not passing for be but i am passing through time .

The poetic justice would be if i become powerful enough to confront them and fight them bitterly and inflict them just as badly as they inflict me . theros is a well thoughtout scheme. Every thing that they do they blame it upon me some of their obnoxious blames are

1- when i first fell sick with sever abdominal pain mother vehemently accused me of not wanting to study and feining my symptoms. so i missed my 11th grade papers but they did not allow me medical treatment but instead had me institutionalised in an oppressive military psychiatric ward for 2 months. My belly pain continues to this day. Doctors say that it is IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. but i feel it is some thing else

2- father started accusing me of wanting to kill every one in the family and taking over the house. yet they all insisted that i should leave the hosue and go away.

3- then they started saying that i had no virtue was totally devoid of any good attributes
yet i had model like looks
a sharp mind
and a healty body prior to the belly pangs

its furious uncontroblable jealousy and antagonism on their part

its hard to describe what i am going through. they have neighbours with them the relatives and many people whom i dont even know

father said that you are a dog mother says the same and they all say that
. i was shocked to hear my little niece say innocently "uncle you are a dog"
they tell them to say that to me .

ENOUGH is ENOUGH for me they have been torchuring me psychologically and emotionally

would anyone believe that my mother tricked me into being viciously beaten up by my brothers in law . they hit me all over my head face and chest. my head aches even now after 3 years of the incident and my molars are now in pretty bad shape.

they are threatening me still. mother and said that more things have yet to happen to you. i try to delude my self and say that nothing will happen yet it keeps on going . Its hard to see the "total reality of the matter". Its too much to believe too much to bear
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