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    Yes, that's who I am. Desperate to find happiness in such an imperfect world. I know it's not impossible to be happy for a while. But that's about it. Just for a while. Why can't we be just happy for long? Currently, I am bothered by the fact that I could not get a decent job. I mean, I do have a home-based job which really pays enough and quite well but the problem is, I'm not into it anymore. I realized it isn't my passion. I want to get paid in another way. The one I will love for a long time. The one that will give me plenty of benefits. And what more? I should have a career which I must pursue. I am a licensed nurse but I don't find myself working in related institutions. But maybe I just have to wait a little longer. Yeah... A little longer.
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    I'm sure you'll find your true vocation Clairedelune - it's out there somewhere waiting for you to find it