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    Every one of my girl friends has a boyfriend. I want one so badly, just to show that someone "loves" me. I spend all of my timedaydreaming about this, and how amazing it'll be. But I know I'm not good enough for anyone to like me, let alone love me. I hate myself for that.
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    You know... love isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Love is seriously one of the best AND worst feelings one can feel and then once it goes away; getting your heart ripped out of your chest isn't fun.

    I can understand how you feel--- I'm the only person I know, really; who is single and alone-- meanwhile everyone I knew from highschool and college is getting married and having babies. It sucks. Makes you feel unwanted and lonely.

    Waiting for it to really happen, and really hit you is much MUCH better than any fabricated 'love' you might find yourself in if you are desperate and go out with someone just to have a boyfriend... and the 'couple status'.
    It hurts, sure.
    But I always believe that you should love yourself above everything. If you love yourself, then there's no need for you to have someone else to love you. Having that is wonderful, yes... but it can also be terrible as well.

    just something to think about, I guess.
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    That sound pretty lonely but- so many are with boys who treat them badly because they want to show they are 'with' someone. It's not worth it especially if you feel like your self worth is dependent on them.

    Could you try loving yourself? Developing who you are- because that way, when you do meet someone you like- you have more solid ground to work from rather than clinging to anyone as your BF and so many girls do that- and they aren't happy trust me! It's all around me, and it's hellish.
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    Why be with somebody just to say you are? Someday you're going to find someone special everyone does. It just takes time so who cares if they're dating someone and it isn't the right person for them? If you're lonely talk to your friends/family. They will fill the hole until mr.right comes.
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    Honestly, if you are at least half way decent looking YOU WILL find a guy to jump your bones. However, as lonely as you are, that is something you don't want. You will be tossed around by one guy to another; someone to keep a guy entertained between break ups, a fuck buddy. You will set yourself up for being a lot more hurt and even lonelier than you are. I know it hurts, I have the same problem, just a different gender.
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    I know I sound like a total loser... I just need to know people like me. (Just as a person in general) I just never know if they actually like me or are just using me...
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    You're not a loser. You might be around people who might make you feel like a loser but not being in a relationship atm, does not make you less attractive, worthless or anything. I think it's a very strong girl these days who says no thanks to all this- mainly because, many girls/women I've known seem to think being in a relationship means they are more worthwhile and they go through bf after bf with no time in between, which makes me wonder if they were in love with any of them in the first place. :mellow:

    You will meet people who are similar to you one day. But if you go attaching yourself to anyone who shows you attention, it's not gonna end up good- and there's more likelihood of being taken advantage of.

    What kind of things do you enjoy doing? I think being friends with someone first is a stronger basis for a relationship working out than jumping into dating.