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Desperately need help

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I live in what is the definition of a dysfunctional home with constant arguing between my grandmother and parents since I was young and often being treated like a child by my lazy dad who enters my room and takes my things without my permission all the time. I love them all but my mother is the only I can talk to. The fighting is constant and my father and maternal grandmother love to antagonize other people especially each other. I think they live off it. They're has been fighting a long time now and when it happens I want to die. I've thought of suicide, planned it out and have a note written out. I need people to talk to so I don't follow through with it.


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Welcome, Bobby. Glad you joined. Will you have an opportunity to move out soon? Your username implies that you are 18, so I was thinking right off the bat that you might be able to move out soon. Either way, nice meeting you...Alex


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Perhaps the constant fighting between your mother and nan is the only way in whuch they can truely express their thoughts and feelings to each other, without feeling like they are involved in an over-dramatic soap opera?
Why not take off when you hear them going at it, catch a ride into town and see a movie or a slow, calm stroll through the back streets of your neighbourhood until things settle down between them?
Often the smallest and simplest things in life do a lot more to relieve stress than one grand gesture - and certainly something you cannot reverse like suicide is not the way that will ever stop them arguing.


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Hey Bobby - you will move out one day mate.

As long as you are not being touched! - I mean abused or demeaned - then sometimes we may have to kinda go through that little phase if the family is dysfunctional. As long as you get clothes, food and nobody beats on you - well - the rest you can deal with. Eve kids who are abused can overcome - and even people who have the worse of childhoods can grow up to be loving caring people.

Some young people have that horror in the home - for you - I guess its the annoying daily intrusion - your 18 - your dad should not be taking things from your room - unless you got a bottle of vodka there or something!

I joke.

So go and take a walk - I walked all the time mate - walked my blues way because you think clear when walking and can be angry and LET the thoughts come - because when walking its easy to do that - and walk faster if needs be - because its all good bro - walking that road - pavement - fields or wherever.

Great survival tactic - one strategy i used always and still do.

I'm 47.

Fancy a race?


Think you can beat me?

I'm off for a walk now - its midnight here but for me - its early.

If I want to walk at midnight - I will!

and am.....

See you later mate when we get back in


Welcome also!

Nice to meet you and I'm sure you wil be ok - and get on well here and learn how to win this thing.

Easy really.
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