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    I'm practically 30 years old and I'm just as lonely and isolated as I was five years ago. My youth is gone, and as society is extremely ageist, any chance of finding friends has decreased. I've tried everything that I can think of but I'm still lonely and isolated. My paltry social skills have atrophied and the outlook is quite bleak. Nobody is enthusiastic about interacting with me and it's consuming me. I'm just a tired, lonely, contemptible husk.
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    Why can't I edit this post? I made a typographical error. I meant five years ago, not fine.
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    Decreased, but not gone. Building support and social networks takes a lot of time and effort on your behalf and most of the time you have to go out and find the parts yourself. I think thats why social media is so popular, people can connect without leaving their home now.

    I nearly had to die for the support network I now have in place to become a reality. I did not even know that two agencies involved in my recent care existed, so I could not have contacted them any sooner. It was the psych in my local hospital, who just happened to recognise my face the second time who was responsible for alerting me to the fact that help and support were out there, which I am now utilising.

    I dont have a social network at all, nothing, period. I have been ill for almost 9 years now and all but 1 so called friends have dissappeared. My one remaining friend comes to see me every 2-3 weeks, mostly at weekends and we have a cuppa, shoot the shit and try to have a laugh, he is a funny guy. After that, zilch. I have my little family and I have SF which is about as close to social media as I want to get. But I am also very isolated socially, partly through choice, but mainly because of anxiety and panic attacks, I just dont enjoy going out that much socially. I prefer a walk or a bus trip to somewhere.

    I have been doing some group therapy and that has lead to me meeting a few more people. One of whom is becoming a firm friend. I have the phone number of another, so my social network has expanded recently by 2, yayyyyyy. So getting involved with groups is a option for meeting people, not just support groups, any groups. It also helps to get you out of the house, forces you to move and do something, so again, its helpful in that respect.
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    I fixed it for you flaxney x