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    Is this how things were meant to be
    Isolated terrified bound by fear of me
    All I am all I've been all I'm destined to become
    A broken useless mess when all is said and done

    Haunted tormented by memories too many
    to handle to come to terms with any...
    Is this my destiny this endless longing
    Yearning to be loved, heard not done in

    All those times you promised to kill me
    Well I heard you and now I struggle you see
    Your words hit home and still ring true
    Leaving me hurt and confusrd unsure what to do

    As now I'm grown and running to my room
    No longer works to shut out the impending doom
    For now you're the nightmare in my head
    Taunting harrassing reminding me things you said

    Now the tape plays permanently on repeat
    Soul destroyed heart broken saturated with defeat
    See I was your little girl you saw fit to defile
    Now I fight to not kill myself hearing your threats all the while
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    Oh Ditz...sending much love and caring
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