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    I have not been here for a while, hello everybody!! I just started a new job, i am so stressed. i hate being the new person, it really sucks, i feel like everything i say or do is wrong. on top of that i work with only two other people, i have never worked with a small group. im trying to remind myself that im not going to work for a popularity contest, it feels like it sometimes though, but that is not the reason that i am there. i just cant wait until i have been there longer and i will start feeling better. then they act like they should just have to tell me something one time, im learning a whole new computer system, different bookkeeping, grrrrrrrrrr. one of the girls is having an affair and keeps talking about her boyfriend that she has been seeing for two years, without her husband knowing about it, to tell u the truth i dont want to be involved at all. i have no idea what to say!!!! i have my own problems
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    I know what you mean. I always feel like that. I hate when you first get a job and they expect you to just memorize everything the very first time they say it. I remember when I worked at Khol's and I didn't know how to take checks, I got totally embarassed and started to cry right there on the floor. And I also hate when people just start telling you all there business without you even asking. I hate that! I'm not into gossiping and I do have too many problems to deal with other peoples. I try to help but only to a certain extent.
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    I just started a new job too, i know the feeling and it sucks. you just have to do the best you can and know that they do understand that you're new even if it doesn't seem like it. as for the gossip i just try and nod but don't respond......later you can try and say something if it doesn't stop... hope i can help at least a little.
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    And I also hate when people just start telling you all there business without you even asking. i totally agree!!! i never do that, why do people spill all their secrets with strangers? thankyou
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    thankyou iceeblusmurf :smile: