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  1. Hazel

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    I weighed myself :unsure: was very shocked at the amount I have gained recently.
    It's not my meals, I actually eat a pretty healthy diet, no it's the crap I constantly graze on all day every day, biscuits, chocolate, crisps etc.
    So I have no problem identifying the cause, wouldn't you think then I could just as easily put the remedy into action and reverse the outcome?
    Sounds easy enough, cut out the crap and excerise - simple :unsure:
    You know what, I do it every Monday morning, it may last till lunch time, maybe even dinner, occasionally I might even last a week but sooner or later the craving for chocolate will break my resolve... 1, 2, or 3 bars later and all resolve is out the window. :mad:

    Anyway since my weigh-in 5 days ago, I have a new determination, I actually feel quite positive about the whole thing, have been to the gym twice and every time I see something I would really like to eat I turn it into a blob of fat in my mind!
    So far this has had the desired effect and for the first time ever I feel that I am in control of my body.

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  2. Ignored

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    Good for you! Long may it last. :smile:
  3. helena

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    :hug: Hazel :)
    It really sounds as you are in control and determined to win ! And that's a great deal of the success allready. I wish you good luck and will be there for you whenever you need :)
  4. Jenny

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    I think it's great that this determination has grabbed you and of course I am here for you too anytime you need a helping kick up the :moon: or a listening ear.

    Have you really identified the cause? From the above post, it sounds like the cause of your weight is because you eat too much junk food. I'm sure you already knew that.. But what is the cause of you eating this junk food? What use does it have? Is it comfort eating? Covering up emotions? What emotions? I think it's a good idea to discuss this with your therapist, like we discussed.

  5. sadsong

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    good for you hazel for finding the new determination. Long may it last!
  6. Hazel

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    Thx folks, was out for dinner today and had a tasty, healthy meal and didn't feel deprived at all. :smile: