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  1. slider

    slider Member

    I guess this is what some will call a suicide note.......Why did she do it?

    1. I can not deal with the mental problems anymore (depression, bi polar, things like that.

    2. Why not> I have BEGGED god to lift me because I can not lift myself.

    3. I am not happy in my marriage and don't know how to get out
    4. Daughter in law is pregnant and had said on many occasions that he baby will not be stay with me because she doesn't trust me with her child...yet I have reared 3 of my own to adults, my oldest daughter has a daughter that I dote on. I would not harm one hair on their heads.
    5. Bills OMG the bills keep stacking up and I cannot pay them. We owe over $9000.00 to the IRS because my husband is considered self employed. However, the compnay that he works for will take the taxes out of his check if he requests them to. Well here are in October he still has not done this. We fill a joint return so I stand a chance of going to jail if they are not paid, even though my taxes are taken out of my check.
    6. I know there is something wrong with me because a person does not have acute diarrhea and nausea for no reason. NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!
    8. I desparately need a paycheck bigger than what I am getting but in between my mental issues and physical aches and pains I CANNOT DO IT!
    9. I am so alone. My husband thinks that anyone that has been diagnosed with panic attaked and anxiety disorders they are making it up.
    10. I am suppose to see a therapist starting on the 18 to decide if I am bi polar. Well thats just great because that is another cop out accourding to hubby.
    11. For the past couple of months my middle child has been stayiing away from us and last night I caught a naked married man in her bathtub. I am devastated. I raised my children in church. I suspected something was going on but she swore up and down there was not. Oh and to top it off, unprotected sex!!!!
    I have not been then same since my mother passed away very suddenly in 2003. I just am so broken.
    So I have already taken 51 lisinopril, 30 xxxxxxxx, 90 xxxxxxxxxxx.
    I attemped about 3 months ago hopefully I will succeed.:spaz:
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  2. flowingriver

    flowingriver Well-Known Member

    Slider, hun, please call emergency, and get some help. Your family will be devastated if something happened to you. There is ALWAYS hope.:hugtackles:
  3. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    slider I hope you called for help in time...
    there are other choices besides suicide..
    sounds like you are overwhelmed and unsupported at home..
    we're here for you ..*HUG*
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