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  1. BlondRedHead

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    So my great aunt overdosed this afternoon. She was on valume and some meds for restless leg syndrome but gets blood clots in her legs and the pain was killing her so she went to my cousins and nabbed a morphine lollipop. She started slurring while talking to my grandma and stopped breathing, grandma called the ambulance and she died by the time they reached the hospital.

    She was the youngest of my Great Aunts. The baby in her family. Her hubby died from Cancer two yrs ago and she was this funny, smart ass know it all who hated druggies and liars and she died from an overdose. I completely blame my cousin for telling her to come grab some morphine. It is so random and out of nowhere... I can not believe she is gone and she wasn't that old. I am beside myself, I am sick. WTF?! She didn't mean to die and now it is forever.

    I was numb all day and it hit me just now. Crying so hard I erased and rewrote this about ten times. Fuck. That's all I can of to say. She's gone.
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    I am so sorry for the loss of your aunt. I hope you have supportive family to help you through this. Try to make an earlier appt with your therapist if you have one to help as well and a grief councillor would help you. An unexpected death is so hard cry away as this will help as well to get rid of some of the pain.
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