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Devoid of pleasure?

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Does anyone else feel this way? Like everything you used to do that was enjoyable just isn't anymore? You try new things and it still isn't enjoyable? Material posession just don't cut it anymore? Sex isn't even all that great any longer?

Where does this low end and begin to go into the higher end of low?


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Went thru a very long and hideous period where everything I loved was as ashes.
Am slowly beginning to enjoy things again, so it does pass eventually, but it is truly horrible while stuck in it.
I hope this phase passes quickly for you.

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Hun have you talked to your doctor about this hun sometimes medication can cause this or perhaps you need medication to alleviate the depression your in

Good place is to start talking with your doctor okay so you can get somehelp to get out of that space your in hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:
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