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    My dh and i took the day off work yesterday to prepare for his bday party. He actually invited some mutual friends so i wouldnt feel left out but he also invited his gf from work. The same one that looks like me but wears too much eye liner. The same one that ran her fingers thru his hair and beard at their xmas party last year. This time she tells me they are best pals and always shoving and touching eachother in the halls while the rest of the company is like wtf. She also said "i missed uuuuuuu" all whiney because he took the day off.

    Should i be ... Worried?

    No one at my work is gonna say they missed me then run their fingers thru my hair.
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    I don't know if you should be worried or not. You said he invited her...did he invite others from his office and perhaps kind of sort of had to invite her, too?

    What does he think of her behavior? How does he react? "Leave me alone" or pulling back? Or does he lap it up? I've known men who wouldn't actually cheat, but they adored being fawned on.

    Perhaps this is something you and DH could talk about...how she got invited, what he thinks of her and does he realize it upsets you. Maybe you will open up a new level of communication with him. Especially if it doesn't sound like an accusation about his motives or behavior. We don't need to be clingy or super jealous with a guy, but we can say that we'd like other women to know he's already happy at home with his wife. :dunno: You know him and know how he'll react to such a discussion.

    For now, it probably doesn't help you to worry too much. The discussion, in private, maybe after the party, is when you might get an answer as to whether or not you should be worrying.
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    After a couple days of quiet contemplation I've decided to let this go. She obviously wants to get me shook up but she's obviously the jealous one here if she goes out of her way to do these things in front of me for reactions.

    At my family's for Thanksgiving my bro brought up a pic of me with a topless Steve-O he found on the internet. He was talking loudly in DHs general direction about how it looked like i had another boyfriend. Unmoved DH says, "so? I don't care, she's here with me now that's all that matters.

    It's very true.. Work is work. He comes every night to me, hes always there for me, cooking for me, washing dishes for me, taking care of me. I've no reason to worry. Its unfortunate that the women he works with are rude and catty to me but the job is paying the bills and one day we'll move on and away from that job, those ppl, and we will still be driving her mad with jealousy.