Diabetic and fading fast...


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I am diabetic, and am on glyburide 5mg/metformin 500mg combo. My sugars were stable, until I tested this afternoon. (I had stopped testing for reasons unknown for 3 months. Then I started testing again. I am going to keep testing from now on.

But what's unnerved me is the 256 reading on my glucometer this afternoon.

I really need the lapband surgery. I wish my doc would give that to me, but he wants me to lose the weight naturally.

*sigh* I don't know what to do.... HELP!


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I guess you got a couple choices from what I can tell- try to lose weight naturally as your doctor wants. it might be tough and hard, but if it doesnt work the way your doctor thought it will, he might go for what you want. or you could get a new doctor who will just do what you want.

my dad is a diabetic, and he used to be pretty chunky, but he worked at it, ate properly and exercises every day and lost a ton of weight, so it is possible if you do as your doctor says. I would suggest giving what your doctor suggested a try, after all he is a doctor and probably has some good ideas to help you out. and like i said before, if it doesnt work or come easily he will likely put a new plan in place.


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Loosing weight is very very hard especially when coupled with depression no motivation low self esteem etc. Its like walking uphill with a boulder on your back in the snow with your eyes shut! You must be very stresses because of having diabetes on top of that .i am also desperate to loose some weight and surgery is not an option from my doctor either ....maybe we could set up a group or something and support eachother ....im awful at dieting really awful! i see food ....i eat it no kidding and its worse when im not well!! I dont really know what else to say except im willing to start with you ?
much love sarah


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My blood sugar is stable, until you put food in front of me. I eat 3 times what a normal person eats as a serving.

I hate myself more when I know my blood sugar is up. I am convinced that I am a failure for nor keeping this under check, which makes me more depressed, and the cycle repeats itself.

Not to mention I also suffer from achizoaffective disorder. It's a form of schizophrenia and bipolar.

It makes for a very bad situation.


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Yes, he has. He had me consult with a dietician that percribed 60g of carbs per meal, with snacks.

I am not currently exercising due to strong depression.

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Does listening to music help you to get up at all? Many times it takes something like music to boost energy if it makes you hype.

You will still lose weight if you keep to the right foods, even if you don't exercise. But the exercise will increase your mood and stamina if you can get up to it.


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I'm an insulin-dependent diabetic so understand your struggle.
Incase your doc hasn't told you stress greatly impacts blood sugar levels and makes control almost impossible. Obviously depression is a very stressful illness (I have severe clinical depression), so it's no wonder your sugars are high aside from your diet. My sugars have been a nightmare since becoming ill and it really impacts your mood so a horrible escalation. So please try hard not to beat yourself up about your sugars. We have two serious illnesses to contend with- doubly hard.
I'd reccommend carb-counting though it takes some concentration. Plus try to eat low gi foods like oats and sweet potatoes. Sugary foods peak and drop your sugars suddenly, whilst fatty foods significantly delay carb breakdown leading to high sugars hours after you'd expect. So healthlier eating would improve sugars as well as weight loss.

Sorry for preaching but I wanted to help you feel less responsible for dodgy sugar levels- it's the stress of depression - oh antidepressants also raise blood sugar!

It's a minefield!

Good luck x

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