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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by totallyashamed, May 29, 2009.

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    I am looking for some kind of direction as to exactly has/is happening to me, and after about 12 different psychiatrists, not one can agree. How they think it is helpful is beyond me!

    So a brief history:

    Feb 08 - Admitted to private mental hospital for 5 weeks with suspected BP

    Apr - Jun 08 - Extreme self harm, suicide atempt, disowned family (including my kids :S )

    Jun 08 - Section 136'd into worst NHS hospital in country! Told that I was being medicated for BP and I actually had BPD :S

    July 08 - Removed myself from ALL meds and hospital care - felt 110% more myself after about 3 days!

    Oct 08 - reconciled with my wife and kids, but suffering with major anxiety attacks, depression and mania, sometimes in the same day!

    I have a family history of Manic Depression, although not sure that is relevant. I was given the following meds (which IMO totally screwed my head up):

    Lithium (800mg)
    Setraline - 250mg (I think)
    Diazepam - 30mg a day

    I was on this cocktail for 6 months, before takingmyself off them cold turkey. Felt much better, with few side effects from withdrawl.

    So, since then I have been plodding on, and with the love and support of my wife and kids I have managed to sustain a reasonbly healthy life for the last 6 months.

    My official diagnosis is weird though. Originally it was BP, then it was switched to BPD. Now it is all of the following:

    Mixed Affective Disorder with dependant traits
    Affective Instability Disorder

    Apart from the unfortunate anagram, I can't find any information on either of these anywhere, with pretty much any reference to MAD pointing me to BP.

    I have a fairly long history of depression and cycles, including sexually innappropriate relationships, impulsive spending, wreckless behaviour, self harm... etc...

    I can see how MAD would fit that, but I wondered if anyone had an more info or at least give me some pointers on best treatments etc...

    I have just been put on 'Carbamazopene', and don't want things to go the way of last year...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.