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    I had an appointment today, I received medication and a diagnosis-well sort of. I was diagnosed with depression and a psychiatric disorder. I am also being assessed for bipolar but I have not been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although I show many symptoms and it is quite possible I do.
    I thought finding out what was wrong and receiving medication would make me feel better but I feel worse than I did before.
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    Hi Shannon444,
    It takes time for medications to work and though much I too would wish that they would work straight away we have to give them time to start working. A diagnosis helps doctors and other medical people understand what category our symptoms fall under its more of a naming system so they know what things to help us with. A diagnosis is not you it does not define you. You are the amazing, wonderful person you have always been and will be. However a diagnosis may help you too understand more what is going on for you as now you have a diagnosis you can search for information and request information from your doctor about bipolar disorder and depression and then work with you doctor to come up with a plan to manage the disorders they say that you have and so to work towards keeping you as healthy as it is possible for you to be.
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    Agree with twinklil about medication taking time. It's also possible that the medication you were prescribed is the wrong medication for you. You may want to let the prescriber know that you are feeling worse.

    Feeling worse might be an anticipated short-term effect of your medication, but it could also be a sign that you would be better off with a different medication.