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  1. PandorasToybox

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    I was going to talk to somebody today about my recent drop back into...unhappy land...school had been a struggle (recently getting up and dressed has turned into a full breakdown) and I hesitated to say anything...then I put my foot down and was all hey I can do this...I just need to open up to somebody...then the whole Amanda Todd thing happened and some of my friends reacted in a way that KIND of made me hesitate all over again... they started making comments how she brought the bullying on herself by exposing herself and so on... my situation is nowhere near the same...but in the end its suicide...it's somebody being depressed..I doubt they'd ever found out but its the thought thats there...
    Im at a crossroads of sort...I REALLY pulled my life together these last couple years and I'd hate to lose it...but I don't know how to start the dialogue...Im afraid if I wait any longer I'll hesitate to the point that I'll slip back into my own world..I've been told by a few people if I need them, they're there.
    Any tips? Im a little confused right now.
  2. Louis03

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    Most people a) don't understand it, b) don't wana hear it.
    I find that having a therapist to talk to helps.
    Although I get boredom, sarcasm and just general lack
    of understanding from her too, sometimes.
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