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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Feltthepeace, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Feltthepeace

    Feltthepeace Member

    Hi all,
    Guess we are all here because something is broken and lifes just not working anymore. I tried very hard for a long time to get my act together. I broke into the world as an abused child, ran away and messed up my education. I went back to school and obtained a degree and I was planning on leaving an abusive marriage and home life and I believe I flunked the nursing exam today. The next exam is not until next year and I'm already 38, and stuck in this marriage as I can't get housing. Housing is not a priority for this administration but that is another topic indeed. I made a serious suicide attempt in August and my only mistake was doing it while other people were present instead of in a hotel under an assumed name. Because I studied some medicine I found a foolproof and very fast way to exit and Im seriously considering it as a permanent solution. My question to everyone is did anyone see or feel anything otherworldly with an attempt? In August I stopped breathing and my heart stopped yet I can describe everyone who was present in the room. I was floating above myself and looking at all of the EMTs and police. I also saw what one police officer was doing in my kitchen. Later, in the ambulance I flatlined again and felt this amazing peace. It was more real to me than my waking life is. It came in a wave and I attempted to release into it and flow with it and just as I let go the paramedic hit me with a med and broke me out of that world back into our own. Did anyone else see or feel anything like that? If so do you believe it was God or something similar? I was not sure I believed in God at all until that night last August. Just wondering if anyone else saw what I did. Oh, please don't ask me what I took and did to code. I know it isnt as easy to die as everyone thinks it is but Im not willing to give up that info in case there is a chance for you. Just can not go there.
  2. ProperlyLast

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    As close as I got, I began to see flashes. Maybe they were the things I fear the most. The problems I have, put very simply into a mental slide show. No calm, no peace, I began screaming and punching myself in the head to stop this last images of mine. Certainly not planning on trying to go out conscious again.

    I ablsolutely abhor religion. If you truly think there is something divine on the other side, you MUST NOT kill yourself. Suicide is not the way to go for the spiritual. Please think about this, if infinite consciousness awaits you, why fear this life? No matter what happens, that's your fate. Fuck this shit. You say you're 38, and you think that's old? Don't let status symbols bind you. Your career doesn't make you. And its never too late to do what you want. Do not fear homelessness. If this relationship you are in is worth your death, certainly, CERTAINLY a leap of faith into this world is worth your life. Leave this abuse. At all costs but one. That is for another time.
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    8/26/1991- i was 16 years old. i was clinically dead for 2 1/2 minutes. what i remember was floating above the ambulance and seeing the medics working on me, putting my skull back together, cpr, and whatever else they were doing. there was no bright light, nor tunnel. sorry to burst bubbles. i remember seeing traffic stuck going both ways, and then in the hospital doctors weren't sure if i'd make it through the night. no angels, no tunnel, no light, none of that. just what was happening at the scene.
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