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Watch that thing on bbc three last night?
it was about this girl
who was 32 stone.
my mum made me watch it, cause she knows I think Im fat.
It sure as hell made me feel it.
I hated it
it made me more determined to lose weight.
Im 7 and a half stone
and 5 foot 3
I think thats disgusting.
I went shoppign today, with my mates, I tried size 8 stuff on, and it was baggy. so what? my mates were like, wow, I wish I was like you.
Im like, what?!?!
looking in the mirror, in my underwear, makes me cry, and claw at my skin.
why do I have to look like this.
my flesh is thick, and I just wanna take a pair of scissors and cut of the fat on my stomach, my arms, my legs, my face, my neck.
that programme made me think
do I look like that?
will I?
I now, more than ever, scrutenise every inch of skin in the mirror.
and its horrible. I hate my mum.
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i didn't watch the thing on bbc, and i don't know how much a stone is, but i noticed that no one replied to your post. so i thought that i would say something so that you would know that someone actually cared enough to read it and respond. if you fit into size 8s, and they are too big, i think that is really good, personally. but i also understand the feeling of never being thin enough. and i think, if there is a way that you can do this, if there is a way that you can step back and realize that you have lost too much weight, or that you are too skinny, then you should step back and do it. because i can tell you this, you can never lose enough weight to make you feel happy. i don't know anyone who doesn't think they wouldn't look better if they took some pounds off. even the most skinny people i know think that. and ... well, i just don't want you to get caught in that trap.
if she weighed 32 stones and you only weigh 7 and a half, there is no way that you can look the same as her. so don't worry about that part of it.
i don't know if you can talk to your mum, but you might want to tell her that you dont' like her making you do things. i know it's so much easier to say than do, but if you feel like you can, or if ou get angry enough or whatever, just.. say it... it really could help. anyway, just wanted to tell you that someone read your post and cares about you.


I know how you feel * I didn't watch it because things like that always trigger me and I don't eat for days and days * I hate looking at my body but I can't help it * <mod edit: bunny - methods> * When you do that trust me you can never finish anything because you look so fucking gross *
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