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  1. I have DID or MPD, whichever you wanna call it.

    My alter-egos have names.

    One of them is Jane.

    Jane is...yeah well she's psychotically angry. When she takes over, I break shit, I scream and shout, I hurt myself and another people, I have fits of rage randomly.

    But it's always just been Jane. And it's like a hot anger. Red anger.

    Then there's me.

    Until lately I was pretty okay. No more angry than the other average person (cept Jane) and I didn't do a lot more than yell and occasionally punch the wall.

    That's changing.

    For the last three weeks, when I'm mad at someone, it's...cold.

    Cold and calculating.

    I stand there, watching them, when I'm angry or they're having a go at me.

    And I imagine killing them.

    In detail.

    I start to plan it.

    Plan their death, hidin the body...everythin

    And then I get the urge to DO it too

    My hands twitch and I have to restrain myself from picking up a weapon.

    It's not Jane...it's me.

    And it's fuckin scary.

    What's goin on?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.