did you ever felt judged?

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    ..i am employed in a large format printing press last january 2013..at first i notice that my new boss is so strict(by the way..shes 75)...i know that everyone has different personality and you just have to understand them so you both an go along together..my seniors often warn me about her being so suspicious to everyone coz there are so many people trick and tried to trick her..she is easily angered by small mistakes..but she is a very kind old lady,,..she even offered me that she will pay my college tiotion fee if i want to study college again..

    ..this morning..she confronted me about the shop sales..(by the way..i am the only one employee in the extension office...)..she told me that since she opened this shop(the extension office/shop opened november 2012 and offers additional services unlike the main shop) the sales is always low..she told me that she can't even get her capital..then i told her that most of my customer's comment is that they are not aware that we offer new services(i always tell her this reason whenever we arrive on this topic)..what i hate in this morning talk is that i felt that she thinks that im cheating her,...that im not surrendering all the sales thats why its so small..even she didnt said it directly..that is her meaning..and it really hurts me..i am doing the best for my job..she can tell me whatever but to not trust me..thats what i hate...she even thinks that my coworker(the cashier in main office..she audits me end of the everyday) and i are doing something with the sales....the manager told me have more more patience..and more more understanding..i always do it..

    ..i just dont know if i can still stay here...it is really hard to work when you know that you are not trusted..it makes me suffocated....but if i resign..it will not be easy to find another job..i just dont know..

    ..im very sorry if my story make you confuse..u can ask me clarifications or so..
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    Listen to the other workers. It seems that she is suspicious of everyone at times. It is confusing that she can also be a kind, generous person. Coping with not being trusted is very difficult. As it seems she is like this with everyone it is her problem. You cannot change her. You can alter how you cope with her mistrust.
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    Hugs to you ok you are doing a good job hun she is under too much stress and i don't think she mistrust you i think she could use some input on how to make sales better. Don't give up on a job that you are doing so well at hun Hugs