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Did you ever get your genetics tested?

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I recently had mine done, and in terms of mental health, the results were quite surprising. There are certain genes that predispose me to depression, but only if exposed to childhood trauma (which I was).
I also learned through these results that I am unlikely to respond to certain antidepressants like citalopram/escitalopram, and are more likely to respond to paroxetine.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing I discovered is that I have an EXTREMELY high level of a thing called 'multi-drug resistance protein' which basically means most drugs are flushed out by my body before they can affect me.
This explains quite a lot, because most antidepressants i've been on have never really helped me, the exception being Fluoxetine and Mirtazapine (which are not affected by this protein).
Also, I've taken certain psychoactive substances in the past, but I never felt high off them, and couldn't understand how people could get addicted to them.


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I didn't realize a genetics test would also look at medication resistance. I knew there is a blood test that does this potentially saving years of trial and error to find one that is affective


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I didn't realise you could do that either. I had a DNA test for family history research but never had any form of genetic testing for medical reasons. I doubt it would be offered on the nhs in the UK as I imagine it would be very expensive, although it would probably save lots of money in the long run.


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How did you get tested for this type of information I am interested in why I react to medications the way I do. Your results are interesting.
I used 23andme. It does both an ancestry check and a health disease check. Problem is, once you get the results, it's basically a tonne of raw genetic data. You then need to use another service to analyse all the data and tell you the real information.
Thankfully some places analyse the data completely for free.

There were a few results I really wasn't expected to get, such as having the famous Warrior gene (I'm nothing like one) and a mutation in my oxytocin levels meaning I'm better at reading emotions in others but less likely to care when others are in distress (definitely doesn't sound like me).
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