did you have an abusive partner?


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yes - I have had many. Guys that have shouted at me and made me feel small - that can and I think can be classed as abusive. I left them all and went back to my family home each time.

I hope you are safe((((hugs)))) no man/ woman should make you feel small - for some reason i assume you are a woman....... if he is physically abusing you - then you are within your rights to call the police. I know it seems impossible though..
My ex beat me and kept me down mentally. I was hospitalized 11 times with broken bones, cuts to my face, burns to my stomach and missing teeth. since ive left him though im discovering who i am and what i like.

I will never stand for it again. i will give as good as i get and leave.


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my ex-girlfriend used to hit me and slap me until I bruised and she got her bigger male friends to do it for her when she was really pissed. I got a couple of broken ribs and a broken nose but nothing serious. She cut me with a knife, sometimes just to hurt me and sometimes because she got a kick out of it, like sexually :(. She did worse too, but that's why I have a let it all out thread, I don't want to random-trigger people.
yeah my first ever boyfriend was very emotionally and mentally abusive to the point where i have had to change my email and number a few times because he wouldn't leave me alone and to be honest I'm still scared of men two years on.he treated me very badly and tried to control everything i did even the friends i had it really was one of the worst experiences of my life.he almost drove me to a nervous break down and i couldn't think clearly all i was concerned about was making him happy and not making him angry because he was a very strong guy he was also into kick boxing and martial arts to so i was terrified he would hurt me he ended up making me feel as if i was lowest of the low.


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my last real life boyfriend used to verbally abuse me and i must admit i found it difficult. he would always:

1. need me to stay over and if i didnt, id always have to justify why
2. start arguments if i didnt want to eat where he did or was playful
3. cheated with his mate and continued to want him to stay over

i strongly believe anyone who is abusive does not deserve to be in a relationship and strongly believe such people never change. you are far better off without them.



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Yeah, I had an abusive partner. It started out as all verbal and emotional, and when he took it to the level of physical abuse, I left.


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Yes.There is a part of me that is masoschistic definitely. I've come to realize that I have seeked these relationship out on some level though, and then stayed in them even after they turned abusive, so I have to ask myself why I did that? It's so strange that I did it two times in a row, even after I had left a horrible abusive relationship I got into another abusive relationship, so seriously, what is my problem?
I never want to be in one of those relationships again. It's so destructive.
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My wife would verbally abuse me and the kids. We are divorced now. What really gets me, is that I was arrested and jailed because when I fought back for once. Then she played the victim card.

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