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I feel really alone with this. I've tried looking for some sort of support for it, but haven't had any luck. It's so tiring. I don't know how much longer I can deal with it. I just feel like nothing is in my control.

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Sorry you feel so alone hun i think others here do understnad i hope you can talk to your doctor about getting some help Keep posting okay so o thers see and can help hugs


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You're not the only one. I also have a dissociative disorder. And yeah it sucks. I feel like loosing control sometimes as well. It's dificult isn't it. Do you have any therapy?


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You have to pay for it yourself? Isn't there something with funds?
I don't know if there are special forum for DID in English? In the Netherlands there are some special forums where I can talk about dissociative stuff and learn about how to deal with it.
If you want to talk about it, you can pm me.


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I used to be highly dissociative, triggered by what seemed the most benign things, loosing time and being disoriented when I returned...what has helped most is finding the voice of what I call my 'truer self'...the loudest voice in the chorus which best serves my self interest...it took a while to find that voice, but now, I live by it...know there is treatment...many clinical psych training programs have sliding scales so care can be at low or no cost...please spend the time to find services for yourself...you deserve to feel better...J


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One of the worst things about being DID/MPD -next to the pain and struggling- is the lonliness. I'm so tired of being alone and all the secrets we have to keep out of fear of rejection and ridicule. It's no way to live.

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