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didnt see this coming

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ive had some pretty big moments lately where i really thought the best thing for me would be to end my life, and in the last few weeks its been very tough to fight that feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. in the past i have seen the times where my mood has slipped and struggled to stop it from going so far down that i would attempt. but i seen it happening and chose not to fight it or fought it and struggled. i asked for help and support and got it, but this time is different, i didnt see it happening. i have totally isolated myself, stopped going to work, making excuses as to why i cant go, stopped eating, stopped doing all the things i needed to do. i felt quite good last week and finally thought things were getting better, but this has hit me like a bolt from nowhere. i was so busy being 'up' that the big crash has hit me and i didnt see it coming at all. i have never had this feeling before and simply dont know what im going to do to break this cycle im now in. i dont want to die, i dont want to attempt, i just want to get back to where i was last week, and stop this happening again.


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If you haven't done so already, I would see your doctor and tell him/her that you can't get yourself to eat or go to work. It sounds like a big wave of depression hit; not sure if you're already on some medication for it but either way I would definitely visit your doctor. I'm glad to hear you still want to hang on. If you've felt quite good before and even just as of last week, then I'm sure you can beat this:). I wish you well.:hug:


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hey hey!

I would second seeing your gp. Let them know everything, and I do mean everything. From your fear of your sight, to the not eating, to the good week you had last week. It will help them help you more effectively.

*hugs as always* :hug:

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Hi hun yeh it sucks when it hits you out of the blue the big crash that happen to me to hun. Can you call someone your therapist let them know what has happened sometimes just being able to voice whats happened it helps It is hard but you can get back to being level again Talk to your doctor okay could be just the medication leveling out so your not so high anymore Hugs to you hope you feel better soon.
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