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Die abruptly until the end

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Nothing seems to have a purpose anymore.. one day blends into the next. Everything feels so cold and lifeless. No one knows. No one sees. so many reasons to die that i cannot remember them all. I have a chance and i will takeit withoutregret. xxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: Die abrupte und plötzliche Ende

I hope you are willing to post more. I have found that posting helps. I think you will find it helps to relieve some of the pressure we experience.

I hope you feel better.
this sounds like the disease talking.

there are people who have been where you are who have gotten better, who are glad that they did not take their lives and found life to be worthwhile

the stock answer is to get meds and therapy

would you want to try?


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Re: Die abrupte und plötzliche Ende

hi, im sorry you're going through this. Are you feeling any better today? x
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