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die for a day?(((possible trigger)))

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if you could choose to die for a day would you?

would you want to see if anybody noticed or if anybody cared?
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I once disappeared for a few days, the calls and texts exc, kinda told me what i wanted to know.
as for dying, i would if i could com back just so i knew what was on the other side,, sod other people and what they think, i try to live for me now.


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I probably would not. When I die (naturally or by more imaginative means) I dont really want people to be upset by my passing. It would be nice if I could leave the world with as little fuss as possiable.

If nobody notices I will be a bit miffed but otherwise not bothered. Dieing for a day would only be useful for me to see if there actually is an afterlife.


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I would die for the day.. to see whether heaven/hell really exist. If hell does then I'd be glad that my death was only for a day, giving me a chance to come back to earth and do things differently. But I know my family would miss me terribly, I wouldn't want to die just to test people's reactions.


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i'd die just to get away from all this stupid shit. but to be honest, if I moved out etc, most people wouldnt hear from me anyways.


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well it really depends on what day, if i suddenly died, for the next 24 hours and then came back again, no one would notice, then again Friday to Saturday,

i really don't like people to much so i do not make plans, so there are days and sometimes several days where i do not see anyone,

but if someone were to find out i was dead, then i can almost guarantee that there would be a few people there :) one side of my family is huge on the family and they all would come to my funeral, good thing i would be dead and not have to deal with all those people :)


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I once disappeared for a few days, the calls and texts exc, kinda told me what i wanted to know.
as for dying, i would if i could com back just so i knew what was on the other side,, sod other people and what they think, i try to live for me now.
I did this once. Unfortunately it made for a further fortnight of severe suicidality when no-one appeared to care lol. I guess people assumed i was having one of my 'funny turns' and just let me be.
But in that mindset, all i could see was that noone cared and noone missed me. funny, how different moods can elude completely different interpretations.


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I would choose not to, because I know people care and don't want to upset or hurt them. One day is enough to trigger a thousand other people.


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I would like to die and see my lost loved ones..Mum, Dad, my son..

If I did see them and they are ok I guess it would be ok to 'come back' and stay till my times up naturally..
knowing I would see them again one day would change my attitude about living


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If I died it would have to be for ever. Dying for a day wouldn't really do anything, if I ever got to the point where I REALLY wanted to die, whatever happens with my family and stuff would mean nothing to me so I wouldn't want to come back and see.
I think one day isn't really long enough to know if someone cared about you or not. Because at first everyone you know would probably be shocked so no emotions really set in except with your immediate family. But then one day someone will think of what a fun time they had with you, and just start bawling right then and there cause you're not around anymore.

I'm kind of experimenting with this right now. Not suicidal at all don't worry but i've deactivated my FB account and one year i'll reactivate it when i'm ready. But it's basically like i'm dead to alot of people i'm sure.
For me I just want to die and that be it. No looking back to see if people missed me, what if they didn't? Go back to earth and be mad at them as they didn't react? What makes me more mad is that I feel like this now and no one knows or even has a clue, I'm not exactly hiding much. I find that I don't really like people that much though so maybe just my skewed perspective


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are you ok HV? xxxxxxxx

no. not for a day. i could not bare to return to this pain (the pain in my heart, the pain in my soul, or the physical pain). so no, not one day but for all days.

forever yes.


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Considering the human brain cannot survive 3 minutes without oxygen, there would really be no way to be dead for a day.

I would rather stay gone instead of being a nonspeaking vegetable, if they somehow got be restarted after a day.

Odds are I'd be in a meat locker in the local morgue.
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