Die... JUST DIE!

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Its just fucking pissing me off. They treat me like shit, i guess all i really am is shit. It hurts, i dont know why i let it, i hate them, but they mean to me i guess, i want someone to fucking approve and all i am is shit to stomp on and feed to the dogs. They treat me like im the ground to walk on, the servant to do the fucking work and not be noiced. I dont know why it matters. They fucking piss me off so bad, i need someplace to go, and godpity everyone here this is where i fucking chose. I guess another mistake is letting myself care about people. To much fucking caring. I know from life that caring fucking hurts more than not being cared for. Should have learned from it i guess, so i guess i deserve the shit that i get. I hate it all. Take it out on everyone here. I wish everyone here would tell me their minds. I know its not the plesantry that you all try to show. Im not the fucking person everyone tries to make me as... GODDAMNIT im tired of it all. Tired of hurting everyone, i try to tell you all what i am, then you deny deny deny, and when i need your support most you fucking realize it. I should never let myself care. One fucking caring word from someone and i let myself open, then EVERYONE hurts back eventually, If it hasnt happened yet i sure as hell know its gonna. You hate me? Fine. Tell me. It will send me one fucking step closer to what should have been done at the beginning, and inside i know everyone wants that. Humans only use eachother to get themselves farther, noone actually gives a shit about all the rest. So FINE. Leave me alone like im not here, i know im not worth it, your just a flowery reminder of what ive done to myself, and that ive gotten what i deserve. Cuz you know what maybe out loud i say fuck the world, but its only cuz the world has screwed me over pleny, and im so stupid i never learn my lesson. But lets see if i can learn it this time around. Damnit!!!
hey :hug: i dont hate you. quite the opposite in fact :hug: sorry ive not been about - ive been in hiding for a bit for reasons of my own... but :arms: am here hun


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Thorn, I'm sorry if I upset you last night. I really didn't mean to. I'm sorry they wouldn't grant you a room in chat. I know you like things quiet. I'm sorry you didn't get that last night.
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