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Die (suicide)

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I want to jump from a high building.....like a bird! :unsure:

Are there people on this forum with Panic attacks?

Are there people who want to die?

Life is so boring......It's terrible.....I hate my life!

are there people here who use sleeping pills?

I used so many pills nothing works!

What do you guys do when you have nothing to do?:sad:

:dry: :rolleyes: :hiding: :eeew: :pope: :rofl: :smoke: :nite:

people who are depressed don't worry it take years!
hey hun, i'm dutch :ohmy :O
you can add me if you want to
problyot making a lot of zence now :tongue:
Because i'm drunk >.<
but i can have panic attacks too
just thought it would be nice to talk :smile:
here if you need me
take care :hug:
Not open for further replies.

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