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Die you horrible anxiety! GAH!

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Why is it everytime I get a chance to do something cool I end up sabotaging myself! It's like my anxiety just shots up through the roof and I start overthinking everything.

Like at the end of the month there's a halloween party I've been invited to by co-workers. I want to go, it sounds like fun! Major fun. But then my anxiety breaks in and I start freaking out!

'What do I wear for a costume?' 'It says 'plus one' I have no friends, my girlfriend is out of town, and I don't wanna be the looser that brings her parents to the party.' 'What if I make a fool of myself?! These are co-workers, they will know me!'

I wanna go to this party but I know from experience that without a friend to be there and hold my hand and to be my pillar of strength- someone that I can at least talk to and know will have my back- I will just end up making up an excuse for why I didn't come.

Man why can't I just be normal and see this as a fun experience to party and have fun. Not a emotionaly crashing one that leaves the pit of my stomach lurching and tied up in knots...
Hello Sara,I know exactly where your coming from,over thinking everything,what if? Etc.... And it's kind of ruined my whole life,I've haven't lived just existed. I honestly don't know what the answer is but you sound pissed off enough to find it,I really hope you do.
Just wanted you to know your not alone,take care x

Mr Stewart

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I wish I could offer some help or advice with this, but I don't know any remedy. I just wanted to say I understand what this is like all too well.


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Thanks guys. I keep hoping that my anxiety will let me go, and not make me freak to the point that I actually do get sick (that's happened several times to me too.)
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