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jane doe

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die... is a short word for what it means, in spanish we say morir, and is short too. but what the hell?who cares if the word is long or short, who cares if i die tonight? who cares if somebody who can´t help anybody dies? i think this world is full of assholes(not saying this for any of you), will be full of them after we die? many good people died like einstein or mother teresa, ghandi. ohh yeah we all feel bad when somebody dies, but what the f@ck i´m not anybody, i´m just a little girl hidding herself behind the mask of jane doe. i´m a brainless woman hidding her sadness from everybody, behind a really big smile. when will all of these end? should it? will faith end it or should i do it by myself? who cares, all of we are gonna die eventualy, why can´t i die sooner than the rest of all?
you hide behind that mask because it was your choice, and no one forced you to take it..... or not,... dunno.
and if you can't die, it's because you want to stay alive. no matter what happens, you, uncounciously, always will try to be alive.
it's the human's nature.
you can't hide behind that mask forever. it will come a moment when you'll be forced to reveal yourself and cry: "hey!, it's me. and if you don't like who I am or what I do, then f@ck you off!"
and no one will be able to make you feel sad again, since you don't mind what they say and they don't mind what you do.

jane doe

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what if i don´t want to live and i´m in a race agains nature?
i don´t care about hidding myself behind a mask for the rest of my life, it doesn´t worth it, because it won´t be so long.
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looks like you want to defy the destiny

let me give you an advice: you can't win

it's kinda Murphy's law: if it's raining and you are destined to get wet, no matter where you hide or where you try to step on. you'll get wet anyways

posted by YOU in another thread:
"you aren´t stupid for being lesbian, you must have courage to face and tell them I DON¨T CARE. what the f@ck? if their problem, just don´t give them the chance of botter you. "be yourself...is all that you can do""

......you are kinda ambiguous, don't you think?, I mean, you hide yourself and tell other people to face the world....
I really can't understand you, jane.
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Well I am a helpless little boy who hides behind lots of things... not a smile though. As for why you cannot die, well I do not know. I find that ignorance is a huge killer. But often times people who come here are not ignorant so their lives are extended.... WOW thought that I had just now. Maybe you are like me a diamond in the rough... you know everyone is very much the same, assholes or breeders or whatever you want to call them. But then there are those of us who are different rare unusual. We are the diamonds, and diamonds are pretty much immortal.... just a thought...

Anyway I would not mind talking to you and discussing life and what not if you do not mind. Or just listening to rants or arguing, I do a lot of that, whatever. You are the first person who has mentioned the mask that I have not talked to you must be someone worth talking to at least once.


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you are not hiding behind jane doe. that is a name that you chose so people don't know your identity, for your safety. we have a lot of the same feelings. So pm me and let me help you.


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so if we can´t die, it doesn´t matter if i or you die tonight, because the essence of us will live forever?
^^;; that is not quite what I meant. If I died tomorrow I would be forgotten. I am saying that because we are different we are more likely to live longer. As where everyone else is the same so they make mistakes and kill themselves quicker something like that.
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