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  1. nimbusadjust120

    nimbusadjust120 Account Closed

    So people, i have given myself a deadline and the deadline is up by tomorrow morning. I have planned and written out my will. so if you see me not in the forum anymore (or for 2 days in a row), it means i am dead. Thank you for whatever help you have given me and please hope that my attempt is fatal and let me be dead by tomorrow morning.
  2. S1l3nc3r

    S1l3nc3r Well-Known Member

    Don't do it. Don't give up.

    What is it that's eating you up.?
  3. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why you feel this way but no way can I hope you attempt suicide and succeed.

    And whatever reasons you have right now, bear in mind that depression makes it hard to make a rational decision. You cannot rationalise when depressed - so too does a man with a broken leg find it hard to walk. Plus if the man with the broken leg seeks no medical help the condition gets worse.

    If you are at the point of suicide, seriously lining it up as a solution, its almost certain its depression. In rare cases, some people really do have no hope - in theory, soldiers in some wars would sooner die by their own hand than to be killed by the enemy. Certain people with horrific illnesses, incurable, there is an argument there.

    But depression is never a reason to die. It just seems that way because, like I said, your in the depths of a bad depression.

    Why not make some appointment in the morning - phone someone, or have you got anyone close to talk to?

    When we are down we can predict our own futures. We actually think we KNOW what will happen, but nobody knows the future and what it may bring.

    Life brings good times and bad times.

    As for nobody caring - if you were drowning in a river I'd try to save you even though jumping in would endanger me. A lot here would say the same.
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